Monday, June 26, 2017

Buckeye BBC Travels: L.A.

Our Top Account Manager and Team Lead, Sean earned himself a trip to L.A. for some fun, learning, and everything in between!!

What: Top Gun Conference

Where: Agoura Hills, California

When: December 8 - 11

Who: The top account manager from each office in our organization

Why: Training for the top leader out of each office on how to move on to the next step with in the business and beyond. Also to award the top performer out of every office for their hard work and progression.

Favorite Part: Learning from the best in the business and the pioneers of what we do including everyone from Executive Senior Platinum Organizational Consultant to the CEO, CFO, and COO

Fun Fact: Santa Monica is the best place for hitting up swanky clubs and bars in all of California ranked by California Bartender Association and we can all attest to that.

Written by: Sean, Team Lead BuckeyeBBC

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