Monday, July 9, 2018

Buckeye BBC Travels: Greenville, South Carolina

Business Trip

Greenville, South Carolina

June 23 - 29

Rams, Chazz, Reggie

To network at a new office.

Favorite Part?
The entire trip! I loved it all: the people, the office, and the south!!

Fun Fact about the Trip? 
Greenville County is South Carolina’s most populous county with more than 507,000 residents.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Buckeye BBC Travels: Nashville, Tennessee

What? Business Trip for Training

Where? Nashville, Tennessee

When? Feb 26 through March 2nd

Who? Buckeye BBC Account Managers and Management Team

Favorite Part? Dinner at the Pharmacy the first night we arrived and all the live music! I also enjoyed visiting other offices to shadow and learn from them! We are all excited to take our new knowledge back to Columbus with us.
Fun Fact from Trip? More than 100 people move to Nashville every day!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Buckeye BBC Management Retreat in McCall!

Who: Management Team and select account managers

What: Management Retreat - 4 day trip for leadership development and team building as well as some fun along the way! The trip included hot springs, a day at the river, white water rafting, and a corn hole tournament at the incredible cabin we stay at in the mountains

Where: McCall, Idaho

Favorite Part: White Water Rafting for sure

Fun Fact: Rick and Brad won the cornhole tournament

Buckeye BBC - Monroe TAKEOVER PART 2: Brought to you by Joe, the DJ

I have been apart Buckeye BBC for a little over 4 months and have had many positive experiences and learned even more about business, sales, and marketing .

We took a trip to represent AT&T in Monroe, Michigan and experience a different atmosphere that I really enjoyed. I stayed in a hotel with three other of my colleagues & took full advantage of the complimentary week stay. I met some amazing new people and learned more about Monroe. that I’ll probably never forget! It was basically a little office in a different city, so we had the opportunity to do everything a business can do but out of a hotel room. We gained experience in running a business and it felt great to be on your own and still have a TEAM atmosphere, knowing you still have three other colleagues that you’d be able to come to for help. I had never been to Monroe or even been in Michigan so it was interesting because we were near the water and I've never really seen Lake Erie. The hot tub at the hotel was nice & nobody really went in the hot tub or the pool so it was peaceful. I am a big people person so getting to know people from a different city was great, I learned about Monroe and found some great, new places to eat too! I did not know that Monroe has a private community with a private beach & that you have to pay for flood insurance or you can’t file for a mortgage. Also found out in 2001, the private community had over 3 foot of water on land and it was crazy and some of the people I was talking to showed me pictures and I was in awe! Traveling is a huge essential in this business and I’m glad I got to experience this trip along with looking forward to experience more traveling!

Buckeye BBC Brad earns trip to Atlanta!

Work Hard, Win Contests, Get Rewarded and Get Promoted.  That's the name of the game here at Buckeye BBC!

Who: Bradley Hashim, Assistant Manager Buckeye BBC

Where: Atlanta, Georgia (Hotlanta for some of you)

Why: I won a free trip to any city in the US and I chose Atlanta.

What: While there I got to visit a couple offices and learned from successful managers. I went with a few people to see the new Braves Stadium that was just built a few weeks before I arrived. I experienced some local Georgia, southern style food including fried chicken and sweet tea. I went with one of the offices to Top Golf, a massive driving range for millennials. 

I had such a great time there and I can't wait to go back. It was an unforgettable travel experience and great opportunity to learn and grow in a new city.

Ps. On my flight back to Ohio I volunteered to get off my flight for someone else and I was put up for another night in Atlanta, all inclusive at a 5-star hotel, and was able to network with even more business professionals.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Buckeye BBC - Monroe TAKEOVER PART 1: Brought to you by Chance, the eager learner

    We are on our way to Michigan! Joe, the DJ. Sean, the guy I trust to keep me alive if I happen to be bleeding out. Austin, the guy that knows every person in Columbus. And myself, eager to learn about everything this trip can offer. We set out early in the morning, stopped only twice for food and restroom breaks. Not knowing what Michigan has to hold or how people would be compared to Columbus, Ohio.       

    When we got to our hotel later that night the thing immediately we all seem to do systematically was finding how to squeeze our things into 1 room. Without knowing the people around me very well things could get awkward quickly. Luckily for me, we all got to know each other with minimal effort because I enjoy sharing unimportant information which is why I have a blog now. But we all took turns sharing information in the hot tub. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE HOT TUB STAYS IN THE HOT TUB! 

A week later we all left better people the end.
Stay tuned for the next episode. This blog was brought to you partially in part by Chance. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Buckeye BBC Travels: New Orleans

What: National Conference  

Where: New Orleans, LA

When: June 15 - 19th

Who:  BuckeyeBBC Mangement Team, Team Leads, and top performing Account Managers

Why: Conference for annual awards, learning breakout sessions, and a little relaxation and fun for top performers

Favorite Part: Mascarade Dinner! Also seeing different parts of New Orleans because we stayed near French Quarter and could walk everywhere, GREAT FOOD!

Fun Fact: Alligator tastes like chicken!

 Written by: Erika Fuge